• MIchael Lipson

    Michael is a seasoned coach, consultant, and start-up advisor. With more than 30 years and 300 companies experience in Silicon Valley, he works at the intersection of business mastery, conscious leadership and personal optimization. As an enthusiast for life he promotes aliveness and awareness so people and organizations can “powerfully do what they’re really here for.”

    Michael has advised several hundred start-up founders, executives and teams on strategic growth and systemic enhancement. He also leads business retreats, mastermind groups, and facilitates consciousness work. In a range of positions, Michael has raised over $50 million of venture capital. His work is influenced by several years of holding executive positions at early internet businesses including inside Paul Allen’s think-tank, as interim CEO for the first online music company, and helping launch the first multiplayer online gaming business. Michael began his career as an investment banker for GE Capital.

    Michael is also the co-founder of Tribe of Men, a personal growth organization. Michael sees it all as one big adventure!  In 2011 he took his family, including 9 and 12 year olds, on a 7-month learning odyssey around the world. He bicycles wherever he can and some places he supposedly can’t. Michael has always told his story by living it out loud.

  • Jessica Lapic

    Jessica was always connected to dance, movement, exercise, and yoga, but it wasn’t until after college that she discovered fitness.  After being a member at MPY for a year and a half, she decided to enroll in the studio’s fitness teacher training program.  Jessica is drawn to any class with a mix of strength and conditioning, and that is what you’ll find in her classes.

  • Rhiannon Star

    Rhiannon started practicing yoga in 2016 while she was studying Psychology at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and it quickly became a large part of her life. Rhiannon has always led an active lifestyle, playing a variety of sports and constantly wanting to be outside; however, when she found yoga, she loved the positive impact the practice had on her mental, emotional, and physical states. Yoga has provided her with a safe space to breathe and find inner peace, while also pushing herself to grow, both physically and as a human being. She hopes to provide these feelings and experiences to her students. After graduating college in 2018, Rhiannon moved home to San Anselmo where she continued to practice at Marin Power Yoga. She is a recent graduate of the Yoga Teacher Training program at MPY and is so thankful to be a part of such a welcoming and supportive community!

  • Jamie Ginsberg

    Jamie Ginsberg was converted into a yogi by his mother-in-law Jan, who inspired him with her daily practice. Jamie completed his 200 hour training at Cleveland Yoga in 2008 with Tami Schneider, Level 1 with Baron Baptiste in 2011 and Level 2 with Baron Baptiste in 2012. He started his TRX training with Level 1 in 2015. He completed his 500 Hr training at Marin Power Yoga in 2016 at Marin Power Yoga.

    Jamie is originally from the Bronx, NY where he grew up with his parents Carol and Robert and his sister Molly! He did his undergraduate work in Communications at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor before moving to the Bay Area in 1994. He met his wife Amy in San Francisco and they moved to Cleveland, Ohio for 10 years where Jamie went to Cleveland State and became a tax and estate planning lawyer.

    Missing the Bay Area, the Ginsberg clan moved to San Anselmo in 2012 and can often be found biking around town, taking photos, eating locally and drinking the best wine California produces. Jamie’s classes are challenging, inspired by music and humor.

  • Amy Ginsberg

    I found yoga in 2012, when my family and I moved cross country from Cleveland, Ohio to San Anselmo to open Marin Power Yoga and live the dream! Coming from an exercise background filled with loud music and high intensity moves, yoga opened something new within me. It wasn’t immediate, it came with time. But soon I found a sense of peace and a personal strength that I had never felt before. I also found a community that I always longed for. Most importantly, I gained a feeling of self-empowerment and possibility. This led me to complete a 200 hour teacher training. The training showed me that I could be more than my fears, I could be anything. I realized that before I could be a stand for others, I first needed to be a stand for myself. Never in a million years did I think I’d become a certified yoga instructor nor teach yoga classes. I firmly believe I’m exactly where I need to be!  

    My favorite thing about yoga is building connection; providing a safe space where students feel noticed, challenged, supported, and empowered while having fun at the same time. I create a positive, environment which is welcoming to all levels and set to great playlists that motivate and enliven the practice. I want students to walk out of my class with a smile on their face feeling a bit stronger, a bit sweatier and a bit more zen.

    Being of this new mindset that anything is possible, I recently became a TRX certified teacher as well. I have seen first hand how TRX changes people’s lives and bodies. I am super excited to bring this training to the community.  

    When I’m not at the studio you can find me with a latte in hand or with my kids Alex and Olivia. If I’m not there hopefully I am sitting on my deck in a rocking chair with a good book listening to music or even better hanging out and laughing with my friends and family.

  • Megan Webster

    Megan began practicing yoga in college purely as an excuse to go to the taqueria next door to the studio after class.  After graduating and beginning her job in education, she began to not only look forward to rolling out her mat and moving her body at the end of the day, but also to the wonderful sense of calm she felt after class.  In 2011, she decided to cut out the day job to make her passion of yoga her full-time focus.

    Megan completed her Power Yoga RYT-200 hour certification with CorePower Yoga in December 2011, and has gone on to become certified in Yoga Sculpt, Real Ryder, Prenatal, Level 2 Power and Reformer Pilates. Megan has worked closely with all demographics, including professional athletes, teens and advanced practitioners, helping them all to find the next level in their personal practice. The thing Megan enjoys most about teaching is seeing the sweaty smiles on her students faces following class. When Megan is not at the studio, she loves spending time with her toddler-age daughter, husband, and cheering on the Chelsea Football Club, Cal Bears and the Golden State Warriors!

  • Alexie Dossa

    Alexie’s practice began while struggling with back pain while living in Portland, OR in 2001 and carried on through stops in Seattle, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Injuries lingered as athlete, being an avid urban city runner, and just sitting at a desk for hours at a time. The mind-body power of yoga provided mental and physical grounding - lifelong tools for self-care. And the foundation for so much more.

    He found yoga as a young boy through his father Ram who emigrated from India in 1959. As a college professor of anthropology, sociology and economics he relied on a vigorous hatha yoga practice to stay mentally and physically sharp. He would meditate and do headstands prior to lectures and speaking engagements to bring more blood flow and oxygen to his brain.

    Alexie 300+ hr of yoga certification. He first completed a 100 hr yoga instructor training with Bryan Kest, founder of Power Yoga, simply to deepen his practice in Tulum, Mexico. And then a 200 hr Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga instructor training with Colleen DeVirgiliis in West Chester, PA. These two incredible teachers, along with so many others from coast-to-coast, workshops, master-classes, countless hours on the mat, and rich life have all provided the foundation for a well-rounded, vigorous yet accessible style of yoga for anyone. 

    Start with self-compassion, and be prepared to sweat. His classes are powerful and fun, yet nurturing to the mind and body. In class you will focus on honoring and caring for yourself. Focus on staying present and matching movement-to-breath. All while building both physical and mental strength - the hallmarks of Power Yoga. Alexie has had a lifelong appetite for learning including how meditation, yoga and breath work provide powerful coping skills, with related interests in neuroplasticity, stress management, emotional intelligence, leadership, and more.

    Like so many influential instructors, he believes the time on the mat provides the fertile ground for immense personal growth. And this extends well beyond your mat.

    Alexie is also certified Search Inside Yourself TeacherTM. This program teaches the neuroscience of mindfulness and the development of five key qualities of emotional intelligence. This is about improving the quality of your life, and the lives of the people around you. Whether this is at home, work, school and where ever you are. How do you want to show up?  

    Alexie Dossa

    Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher

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  • Marianne Mullen

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  • Araceli Bieber

    Searching for something to heal the soul and quiet the mind after a family tragedy in 1999, I found solace in yoga. That’s when my practice began. My introduction to yoga was through the Ashtanga practice, which left me with a sense of peace and calm, and a connection to something indescribable. I loved the way it left me feeling and continued to practice religiously. I was immediately drawn to the playful sense of self-discovery that encouraged me to want more from myself…an inner revolution of sorts.

    A few years later Bikram yoga became my next refuge after the painful loss of a sibling. Feeling protected, supported and inspired, my dedication to the practice quickly grew deeper. Through my practice I have grown to have a better relationship with my body and self. I am continually reminded to lead life with my heart, and to always keep it open. To be open to new experiences, no matter how daunting some may seem.

    With the encouragement from friends and family, and the inspiration of my fellow students, I embarked on the next chapter of my yoga journey by attending a Baron Baptiste training, which has deeply enriched my love and passion for yoga. I continue to be inspired as both teacher and student, in search of those inexplicable “aha!” moments that we all enjoy. I never dreamed I would become a yoga teacher and had I let my fears hold me back, rather than follow my heart, I would not be doing what I love…

  • Alonna Cox

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  • Danuta Heilemann

    For Danuta, aka Danusia, exercise and nutrition have been a key part of her life since moving from Poland to America in 1991.  She met her husband at mile 18 of the 1994 LA marathon and is still an avid runner, mountain biker, TRX and Yogi! One of her biggest fitness accomplishments is the completion of 4 full marathons and over 10 half marathons.  Danuta has worked at many different jobs over her career including being the Foster Coordinator at Marin Humane Society and an activities coordinator at White Hill Middle school. In January of 2018, she became a licensed electrologist and is currently practicing in San Rafael and San Francisco.

    Danuta has been teaching TRX since being certified through MPY’s training course in 2017, and loves to help everyone reach their fitness goals and stay active and healthy.  She focuses on good body positioning and posture through her classes and always encourages students to work their hardest while paying attention to their individual needs. 

    Danuta believes that the way to health and happiness is through exercise and a healthy diet.  She enjoys spending time with her family, the outdoors, fine California wines and reading.

  • Grace Yu

    Grace began her adult career as a Kindergarten and first grade teacher for 9 years. To balance the stresses of interacting with 33 five-year-olds, Grace found yoga in 2001 with her master teacher, Sherry Han, and began teaching her own fitness classes after school in 2005. After having her first child in 2011, Grace decided to stop teaching elementary school and become a full-time mother and yoga/fitness instructor. This change led Grace to Marin Power Yoga, where she has been able to share her passion for exercise and movement. Grace is so grateful to teach a variety of classes at Marin Power Yoga including Power Yoga (Rock and Flow), Gentle Yoga, TRX, and Stop, Drop and Dance! Grace is a 500 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, a Certified Instructor for TRX, TurboKick, and PiYo, and an American Council of Exercise Group Fitness Instructor. Grace believes in strengthening the mind just as much as strengthening the body and her philosophy is: Learning to grow through every obstacle, find love in every imperfection and appreciate every breath. Grace has a background in competitive gymnastics, cheerleading, hip-hop dancing and has been a professional choreographer, an education consultant, and has appeared in several fitness DVD’s. Grace is a mother of two and her number one priority is spending quality time with her family. She loves snowboarding, water slides, eating ice cream, and watching movies. For more information about Grace, follow her on Instagram @gracelingyu, Facebook @PowerWithGrace, or visit her website at: gracelingyu.wordpress.com.

  • Jenny Garanina

    Fitness has always been a big part of Jenny’s life. Growing up a competitive swimmer and water polo player made her crave physical challenges. However, she couldn’t find anything that challenged her and pushed her both mentally and physically until she found spin. Jenny believes in a holistic approach to fitness where its not only about the physical part of the exercise but about the mental part as well. She wants her students to leave feeling lighter then when they came in and to feel both challenged physically and mentally.

  • Jordan Assadi

    For Jordan exercise has always been a big part of his life. Playing soccer, lacrosse and kickboxing has motivated him to live a healthy/ active lifestyle. Jordan has been in the fitness industry for over 5 years as a certified personal trainer, TRX and group fitness instructor. Jordan’s approach to fitness is through good form and technique, mindfulness and consistency, he believes with this you can reach any goal and get to wherever you want to be! Jordan currently teaches TRX, TKO and double-trouble kickboxing.

  • Josephine Stoddard

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  • Laura Oronzi

    Yoga has been Laura’s guiding light for the past 10 years, and continues to transform her life immeasurably. Originally from Santa Cruz, she now lives in Greenbrae with her husband, Jason, and three and six-year-old boys, Owen and Dylan.  Prior to having kids, she worked as a hotel corporate sales manager for 15 years, most recently Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito.  While she definitely doesn’t miss sales, the experience helped hone her natural ability to connect with people.  In addition to yoga, she is a workout and health devotee!  She enjoys all types of physical exercise, including bootcamp, TRX, running, hiking and indoor/outdoor cycling. Her life path of personal struggles and triumphs, lighthearted approach to life, ability to find humor in just about anything, and commitment to living and studying the spiritual and ethical practices of yoga enable her to be a heartfelt, motivating and effectual teacher. When she’s not at Marin Power Yoga, you’ll find Laura either with kids in tow, reading, cooking, laughing, or drinking a latte. 

  • Lynne Solarz

    Lynne moved to San Anselmo in the Spring of 2014 and is so glad she found MPY to continue her practice with yoga. She is a recent graduate of MPY first Teacher Training, and is super excited to be given the opportunity to share all she learned and continues to learn about the art of Yoga. When she is not flowing through a vinyasa, she is chasing after her two young boys with her husband.

  • Natalie Mayo
    Natalie brings her energetic self from the Bay Area where she grew up playing every sport that involved being outside and a ball. After playing NCAA Softball in college at Sonoma State University she moved onto triathlons, backpacking and concentrated on making fitness not only a priority but a lifestyle. Certified in Cycle and TRX her main goal is to get you nice and sweaty while having fun and achieving your personal goals. 
    Natalie will rock out with you at MPY in both TRX and KickBoxing where her eclectic mix of music will keep you pumped and wanting more!
  • Victoria Pitt

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  • Wendy Wilkinson
    Hailing from Philly, and armed with a liberal arts degree in theatrical design Wendy Wilkinson has been adventuring westward for the past twenty years. First stop was Teton Valley, Idaho where she started a family, learned to backcountry ski, and began practicing Yoga with Sundari Lucy. The next stop on the westbound train was Woodacre, where Wendy began her power yoga practice and teacher trainings with  Arjay Parker and Phillip Urso. Wendy has also studied and performed West African Dance in the Bay Area with Naby Bangoura and Rhythm Village. Her knowledge and understanding of posture and alignment come from a dedicated practice and a lifelong love of dance and movement.
    Wendy loves to get upside down. She inspires other to face their fears while defying gravity. Most of all she want students to find joy and freedom in their own practice. Her classes present students with a strong power flow tempered by common sense and compassion. Wendy lives in Woodacre with two teenage sons and husband. When she is not driving boys to basketball or making playlists for class she can be found working in her gardens.
  • MPY Team

    Surprise! We don't know who is teaching this class yet, it will be a Fabulous Team Member!!!

  • Kelsey Sands

    Kelsey started practicing yoga in 2008 and it has become a huge part of her life, both physically and spiritually. She grew up in Fairfax always very active playing softball, basketball, and running cross country inspiring her to continue being active through yoga after graduating. Her practice grew in San Luis Obispo, where she attended California Polytechnic University. After college she spent time moving around trying out SLO, Cayucos, Big Sur and Tahoe but Fairfax was always calling her back. When she is not at the MPY shop or teaching Yoga or Fitness classes, she is with her puppy Ruca, at Bolinas, hiking Mt Tam, or hitting the slopes in the Sierras.


  • Jennifer Noryko

    Jennifer has always been into fitness, community  and her own lifelong journey in maintaining health, happiness and strength.   She see's  movement as medicine- a daily dose is necessary to keep her sharp, grounded and present.  Jennifer has broken many bones in her body over the years.  She understands now that mobility is  a gift that must not be taken for granted and must be honored daily.  She is passionate about working hard  and finding your fitness edge, while still respecting the conditions and limitations your body lives with.

    This is a second career for Jennifer.  She was a trial attorney and teacher at Boalt Hall for 12 years.  Her life mission has been and still is helping others live their best lives and be there best.  Whether in the courtroom or on the fitness room floor, she knows that it is in being seen and working together that we can all be our personal best.  She works as a personal therapy assistant in pilates and is certified in TRX, ACE personal training, Pilates(matt, reformer, cadillac, arc/barrel), pilates for rehabilitation and  our MPY teacher training.  She is passionate about form and building the body correctly and intentionally.  Don't let her fool you-she teaches her classes in the same manner she prefers them- challenging.  You will see her around the studio either taking a class, or teaching.  She says, "Boxing is her yoga."  Get ready for her intensity and high energy.